Martin Davies

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Christian and commercial singer/songwriter


FMCD 104

Tree of Love

Tree of Love

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No Longer available

 1) Glory Alleluia

 2) The Fruit Of The Spirit

 3) Foot Print Blues

 4) Ash To Ash ( Dust To Dust )

 5) Thank The Lord (A Cowboy Song)

 6) You Should Know

 7) Heart Soul And Mind

 8) Here At Your Feet

 9) Let Your Face Shine On Me

10) Christ Came Down At Christmas

11) Tree Of Love - Prayer - Glory Alleluia (Reprise)


FMCD 106

Come Spirit Come

Come Spirit Come 2 Web

1) Come Spirit Come - Vocal track

2) Come Spirit Come - Backing with harmony vocals

3) Come Spirit Come - Backing no harmony vocals